Sweet Treats

3 minute Choc-Hazelnut Pudding

3min Choc-Hazelnut Pudding

This is my first Sunday morning post but is only the start of many. Sunday is my favourite day, it’s when I’m in my cooking zone which for me is one of the most relaxing activities.

I use Sundays as recipe-experimentation day, food prep for the week day, baking day and I always try to cook a Sunday dinner which is a bit trickier or that takes a bit more time, tonight’s dinner is going to be slow roasted pork belly with roast veggies and fresh made apple cider sauce.

My recipe post today is going to take us back to last Sunday, a big experiment day for me. We were heading to friend’s for dinner so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create a new dessert/sweet treat and use my unaware friends as guinea pigs! Earlier in the week I’d seen a post on Facebook of a microwave self-saucing pudding which was full of grains, dairy and sugar (a.k.a my three nemesis-es!) so I was determined that I could create something just as good with far more nutritional value! Continue reading