The time I couldn’t go to the supermarket for a week…

I am a self-confessed control freak who plans my meals to a tee but something out of the blue happened a few weeks ago and I suddenly could only prepare meals with what was “leftover” in our fridge, freezer and pantry. To cut a long story short I survived, here’s how…
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Asian Style Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

I feel like I have just blinked and POOF we’ve been back from our trip for a week and a half, getting back into home life, gym and work has been busy busy busy. Time for a recipe that is quick, easy, nutritious and most importantly it’s YUM! Funny thing is.. this is the meal I cooked on our first night back!
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Suzie’s Top Tips for having enough time to eat right and move more!

Today’s post doesn’t include a recipe like I normally do, I thought I would try something a bit different and share some tips with you on the best ways to effectively use your time for meal planning, meal prep and fitting in time for yourself and exercise…

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I am really feeling like I’m well and truly in the swing of January and 2015… back to the daily grind of work and then trying to jam every possible activity into the weekends and evenings. Oh the monotony of it all… but something exciting (well for me that is) has happened this week, I made my first “housewife” purchase and it was delivered today… wait for it… a Dyson Stick Vacuum.. wooooo! Continue reading