Suzie’s Top Tips for having enough time to eat right and move more!

Today’s post doesn’t include a recipe like I normally do, I thought I would try something a bit different and share some tips with you on the best ways to effectively use your time for meal planning, meal prep and fitting in time for yourself and exercise…

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Easy-peasy Thai Beef Salad

My latest post is inspired by a recent getaway to Magnetic Island for our friends wedding and our stop in at the Virgin Lounge at the airport. We had a midday flight so grabbed some lunch from the buffet, pretty much no Paleo options (or even gluten free) but I was disorganised and needed to eat so I grabbed some of the Thai Beef salad on offer… Boy was it tastey!
Any time I eat something non-Paleo that I love I am inspired to recreate and paleofy it so this was my mission the other night and I think I got all the dressing ratios just right, this dinner was delicious and filling and best of all quick to whip up! I have to admit that I did do a slightly non-Paleo version for hubby-to-be and heated some thin rice vermicelli noodles and added to his bowl. I personally don’t think the salad needed it but it made him happy so I couldn’t resist! Continue reading

Salmon and Veggie Muffins


Sunday morning is well and truly amongst us which means its time to get started on some prep cooking for the week. Being organised is the key to leading the healthy lifestyle that you want because when you already have food prepared or ingredients purchased its much much harder to ignore and reach for those junk food evils.


My instagram post last week of the salmon and veggie muffins for breakfast sparked a bit of interest so I thought it was the perfect time to post one of my most favourite go-to recipes (you’ll probably notice I refer to nearly everything as my favourite!) Continue reading