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Journey into Motherhood, the first 5 weeks

Ok so here goes, I’m going to try and knock out this blog post in under 30 minutes… as anyone who has had a baby would know, this is what my life has now resorted to, getting shit done in like 40min to 2 hr time increments!

Yesterday I posted saying I wanted to get back into my blogging/posting on Good Food Whole Life a bit more now that things have settled down a bit on the newborn/new mum front and so I thought there’s no way I could get back into it without first sharing with you what has been  going on in my world this past 5 weeks. Continue reading

The time I couldn’t go to the supermarket for a week…

I am a self-confessed control freak who plans my meals to a tee but something out of the blue happened a few weeks ago and I suddenly could only prepare meals with what was “leftover” in our fridge, freezer and pantry. To cut a long story short I survived, here’s how…
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