Journey into Motherhood, the first 5 weeks

Ok so here goes, I’m going to try and knock out this blog post in under 30 minutes… as anyone who has had a baby would know, this is what my life has now resorted to, getting shit done in like 40min to 2 hr time increments!

Yesterday I posted saying I wanted to get back into my blogging/posting on Good Food Whole Life a bit more now that things have settled down a bit on the newborn/new mum front and so I thought there’s no way I could get back into it without first sharing with you what has been  going on in my world this past 5 weeks.

Exactly 5 weeks ago, at 40w+5d we found out I was going to be induced the next day. Once we got home from the obstetrician we madly ran (well I waddled) around the house trying to get all the last minute things in order. That next day, Tuesday 6th September 2016 at 10:11pm the most amazing thing in our lives happened, our gorgeous little girl Lily was born and our world would never be the same again. Now I am not going to go into my birth story, all I will say is that Lily was delivered naturally and I cannot thank my doctor or our midwife enough for helping us with this most precious gift. We had a 4 day stay in the hospital with lots of family and friends around us and then embarked on the daunting task of bringing our baby home.

That first day home was great, we got to introduce our gentle giant Harvey (50kg purebred German Shepherd) to his new little sister and spent time together settling in as a new family of 5 (yes we count the cat and dog!). We were lucky enough that my husband was able to take 3 weeks off work so we spent that time in a little bubble, we got out of the house most days which really helped me with the transition as a stay at home mum (didn’t want to spend every moment at home going stir crazy) and was great practice for when I was going to have to get out of the house with just me and Lily. Also during this time our family/support network was amazing with lots of visits, offers of help, meals etc, we really couldn’t have asked for more.

Fast forward to now, 5 weeks in and all is still going well, and when I say well, you know what I mean, life with a new little human that relies on you 100% is tough no matter how great it is all going!! This whole journey has been a real adjustment, at first there’s the recovery from the birth, then the time spent working on the breastfeeding and the stress of making sure that is going well, of course no-one really adjusts to never having more than 2-3hr of sleep in a row but you very quickly get an appreciation of the “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice, another big thing for me has been trying to “let go”, as a massive self-confessed control freak this has been the hardest part. I’ve had to remember to accept help/ask for help, try not to micromanage/boss my husband around too much (thank goodness his is my polar opposite and the most patient and accommodating man in the world) and just try and go with the flow with the baby and not always look for a reason as to why she does this or doesn’t do that and remember that if on the balance of all things it is going better than it is going worse then we are winning!

Now one last thing I have to touch on is my nutrition postpartum. It wouldn’t be a very good site about food if I didn’t! When Lily was born, she was a great size (3,280g) and full term but like lots of newborns was born with a very mucusy tummy. This was something I didn’t even know about and coupled with this and my enormous supply of colostrum, she basically spent the first 5 days spewing up massive amounts of mucus/colostrum at every feed. This did culminate in one final gigantic mucus spew on a gorgeous outfit right before we were having guests over (haha) but at least it passed. Next however came a big struggle with wind/gas/upset tummy for little Lily. As you would all know, pre/during/post pregnancy I have eaten according to a Paleo diet majority of the time. This has meant eating whole/real food and cutting out Grains (except occasional white rice), Gluten, Dairy (except grass-fed butter), Soy, Legumes, Corn and Refined Sugar. At first when we suspected all of Lily’s upset (which really wasn’t that much she is an amazingly chilled baby) was due to her tummy/wind/gas issue I didn’t think it would be my diet considering it was so “clean” and so I figured it was down to her lack of ability to burp and set our sights on some Infant’s Friend and very strict burping during feeds. The Infant’s Friend did seem to help a bit but the problem wasn’t completely gone and of course I headed straight to Dr Google to try and find a solution (there I go again with my inability just to chill and let things be) and I am really glad I did. I started to read about baby’s reacting badly to certain foods that the mother’s were eating, mainly things with high acidity such as onion, garlic, citrus, spices, tomatoes etc and in my head it all made sense and I could see the pattern of all of Lily’s bouts of tummy pain linked with meals that I had eaten which were high in these ingredients. Long story short since cutting these additional things out, Lily’s tummy has sorted itself out and she became a much more content baby, started taking larger feeds, slept longer stretches in the night and there has been barely no sign of pain at all. Hopefully this diet adjustment isn’t long term and in a month or so I can start to reintroduce some of these foods to see if her tummy/digestion has matured but in the meantime I’m enjoying simple grilled meats with lots of vegetables, remembering to pack in the good fats like avocado/coconut/butter/nuts and I’m drinking as much water as I can.

All-in-all life is absolutely amazing, we wake up every day so excited for what it will hold for us and our little family.

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  1. Claire @ Claire K Creations says:

    So glad you hear everything is going well Suzi! What a gorgeous little girl you have. I had the same garlic/onion etc issue with Ollie. Made for some rather bland meals for a while but it does get better as their little tummies get tougher. I can’t wait to meet her! xx

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