OrganicLink Launch

On Tuesday I was invited to attend the launch of organiclink, the Organics division of fruitlink, a fresh food wholesaler located in the Brisbane Markets.

The event was attended by various growers/farmers, suppliers, independent retailers and key players in the Australian Organics industry.

We all enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast made with real, seasonal organic produce, my favourite part of breakfast was the yummy goodMix Superfoods NeoBlend with fresh strawberries, blueberries and Pure ‘n Free Coconut Yoghurt (yes they claim to give you the best poos ever packed with good gut bacteria/probiotic goodness!) – at 38 weeks pregnant I may have eaten 3 of the cups… yum yum yum!!!

There were great speeches from Rachel Davis the Organic Category Manager at fruitlink, Tony Shaw the General Manager at Australian Organic Farmers, Brenden Kehoe from Kehoe’s Kitchen, Annie Brownjohn from Ozganics and Brittany Stewart from Marketing at Australian Organic.

This event was a spectacular showcase of what amazing certified organic food is available here in Australia. Products/Suppliers on offer included Gourmet Organic Herbs, Kehoe’s Kitchen, Val Verde, Yarra Valley Tea Co, Byron Bay Coffee Co, Rosnay Organic, Britt’s Organic Bakery, Ellersley Farm, Ozganics, United Organic Famers, Thomas Chipman, Felton Valley Organics, goodMix Superfoods and Pure ‘n Free.

My biggest takeaway from the morning was that our want and need for quality, chemical free, Australian grown products is in high demand, us as consumers are trying to make conscious decisions to better our health through food but there is still a gap to be bridged in the market to increase our value perception of organic products.

Don’t forget, if you are looking for the above products, make sure you go into your local fruit/vege shop, health food store or independent grocer and REQUEST them… that is the only way we as consumers can improve things, if demand is there they will start to listen!

The launch of organiclink has been perfectly timed in the lead up to Australian Organic Awareness Month in September. Check out the website for different events happening around the Country.

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