I’m back and ready to hit Reset!!!

Well, finally I am back from my 6 week blog hiatus. 2 weeks ago I got married and went on my honeymoon and the lead up was very hectic so I thought it best to take a break from the blog so that I could focus on one thing at a time. Now the wedding and honeymoon are over (shame) so I’m back to share more thoughts and recipes than ever!


Ok so first, a bit of a confession, I totally fell off my wholefood/Paleo wagon whilst away on the honeymoon. I did try to stick relatively Gluten Free but there was a bit of dairy involved, a few sneaky breadrolls and far too much desert and cocktails. Although we had an absolute blast and I have no regrets, I did spend most of the week in a fair bit of stomach pain which really only cemented more in my head that paleo-lifestyle really is the way for me.


Before the wedding/honeymoon madness I was sticking to the 80/20 rule and the 20 usually always stuck to at least gluten/dairy free and this was working really well for me. I have decided though to do a 30-day Paleo Reset/Whole30 to give my body the kickstart it needs to get back into feeling great! Now don’t misinterpret, this isn’t a detox where I only consume green juices or some crazy lemon water, it is essentially going back to 100% Paleo and cutting out any Paleofied treats or foods that contain high amounts of sugar like Raw Honey.


For my 30-day Paleo reset I am following one of the best Paleo resources I ever invested in, Dr Chris Kresser’s “Your Personal Paleo Diet” book, but for those of you who may be familiar, it is essentially a Whole30


Your Personal Paleo Diet

So what are the Dos & Don’ts for my 30-Day Paleo Reset?:

Foods are broken down into three categories, the ones you can eat as much as you want, the ones you can enjoy in moderation and the ones you need to avoid completely.

As much as you want: Red meat, poultry, fish, organ meats, bone broths, eggs, vegetables, fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi, traditional fats like coconut oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, olive oil (but only if kept raw), olives, avocados, coconut (including full fat coconut milk), salt, pepper and spices (watch ingredients to ensure there’s no nasties)

In moderation: processed meat such as bacon,  sausages, chorizo, salami, jerky (but only if gluten, sugar and soya free), whole fruit, nuts and seeds, black tea/coffee, green beans, sugar snap peas, vinegar, restaurant food

Avoid: all dairy (including Ghee), grains, pulses/legumes, potato, corn, processed sugar/sweeteners (including Raw Honey and Pure Maple Syrup), chocolate, processed foods, seed and vegetable oils, processed sauces, soft drink and alcohol (GAH I KNOW)

So you might think all of this is fairly restrictive but put into perspective it is only for 30 days, so far I am on my 7th day and feeling the best that I have in a very long time. I’ve had a couple of tests already in my first week, a corporate business lunch where I stuck to soda water, natural oysters for entrée and Barramundi grilled over hot coals with all sauces/salads on the side for main, dinner out at Japanese with friends, once again I chose soda water over the beers and stuck to salmon, tuna and kingfish sashimi and some grilled skewers on unseasoned prawns and wagyu beef. We also had a little outing yesterday where hubby (yes I can call him that now) decided to parade in front of me with a chocolate milkshake and 3 cinnamon donuts. I’ve survived all of the tests so far but coming up this week I have my friend’s farewell and the Melbourne Cup.

I’d be keen to hear if anyone else is interested in joining me on this reset and I plan to share lots of the positives, pitfalls and recipes along the way… only 22.5 days left to go!!!



Just a quick sidebar review of Dr Chris Kresser’s book: this has been one of the best Paleo resources that I have invested in. The book cost less than $40 and along with having incredible information on health and well-being and the science behind the Paleo way, it also encourages you with a 30-Day reset and then to slowly add “grey area” foods back in to your diet to enable you to find the perfect nutrition fit for you. I.e. I’m pretty sure I’m fine with eating white rice so will add that back in after my 30 Day reset to see how my body reacts to it. It includes meal plans and recipes and the best bit is it gives you unlimited access to Chris’ online content, I get emails every week plus have loads of resources to call on about different health issues. If you’re thinking you would like to take the step into a more wholefood kinda life I would highly recommend getting this book as your starting point!


  1. mekkiec says:

    Congrats on your wedding!! I just got married in July. I totally would be up for doing a whole 30 with you! I haven’t been super great since I came home from vacation just a few weeks ago. I’ve been good… but not as good as I can be.

    • Thanks Mekaela, wedding was perfect and honeymoon was fab, the cover photo is a picture from our villa in Vanuatu, bliss! I bet your wedding in July feels like an eternity ago now?

      Jump on board with the Whole30! It’s always hard because I don’t think there’s ever a good month to try to be strict because there’s always going to be different events on. I have my hubby’s birthday in 2 weeks so it’s going to be hard not to have some celebratory champagne and cake with him but I am determined to stick to it for 30 days. Touch base and let me know how you go throughout the month! 🙂

      • mekkiec says:

        Definitely! I will!

        It kinda does feel like an eternity, but we had already been living together for a year and a half before tying the knot. It’s been pure happiness though. 🙂

        I know what you mean by “never a perfect month”. My own birthday is this Friday, so it’s going to be difficult. I’ll probably make my own cake though. I have some great coconut flour cupcake recipes.

        Beautiful pic! Amazing view!!

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