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Easy-peasy Thai Beef Salad

My latest post is inspired by a recent getaway to Magnetic Island for our friends wedding and our stop in at the Virgin Lounge at the airport. We had a midday flight so grabbed some lunch from the buffet, pretty much no Paleo options (or even gluten free) but I was disorganised and needed to eat so I grabbed some of the Thai Beef salad on offer… Boy was it tastey!
Any time I eat something non-Paleo that I love I am inspired to recreate and paleofy it so this was my mission the other night and I think I got all the dressing ratios just right, this dinner was delicious and filling and best of all quick to whip up! I have to admit that I did do a slightly non-Paleo version for hubby-to-be and heated some thin rice vermicelli noodles and added to his bowl. I personally don’t think the salad needed it but it made him happy so I couldn’t resist! Continue reading